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Online counselling

Individual Coaching

Our 1:1 financial coaching partnership is designed to support you in creating a system to clearly see your finances so that you can set goals, plan and track progress in alignment with your goals. 

The coaching partnership will provide you with a second set of eyes so you can use it as a jumpstart to change your relationship with your money. You will learn how to self- coach and apply the tools I teach you so you can get the results you desire. 


$teward Your Money Challenge is an exclusive live

training series designed to fast track your way to financial stability and independence. In this interactive training series

you will have a renewed sense of start spending money on the things that matter to you the most. If you want a transformation breakthrough in your finances, join us! Our Sessions include the following topics:

Day 1: Super Charge your savings

Day 2: Cracking the Credit Code

Day 3: Fearless Stock Market Investing

Day 4: Bulletproof Spending Plan (Putting it all together)


The $tewardship Accelerator Program an inspiring multi- month programmatic initiative that empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve financial excellence through strategic coaching and transformative education. Through a series of engaging workshops, one-on-one and group coaching sessions, participants gain the knowledge and skills required to take control of their financial futures. By fostering a deep understanding of money management, financial independence, and debt reduction, participants will be equipped to make informed decisions that lead to financial success.

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