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Hi, I'm Autumn Green

I am a dynamic financial coach, former K-12 educator, current higher education leader & fitness enthusiast whose passion for personal finance stemmed from the remarkable legacy of my grandmother, Pearl who I never met. Pearl's journey from a 1950s seamstress to a New York City co-op owner, stock and real estate investor, serves as the driving force behind my mission to ensure that future generations do not miss out on or skip the wealth-building opportunities that await them.


I’ve experienced the weight lifted off my shoulders as a result of paying off debt. I’ve benefited from mentors to help me redesign the way I interact with money and build wealth with clarity, confidence, purpose and ease. I help others experience that too. 

My Stewardship Journey was founded to empower and teach people how to manage their financial resources with excellence. I believe that people can live financially successful lives as a result of how they redesign and align their thoughts, beliefs and actions towards money. 


 When you work with me, I'll ask questions, share best practices and resources to empower you to think through how to make the best financial decision for YOU given your context. This approach allows you to make sustainable changes independently after we work together.  Clients who work with me have a renewed sense of confidence in their ability to redesign and lead their wealth building journey.

Let me help you learn and develop better ways to overcome the challenges that are standing in the way of your financial goals. Get in touch today to see if we are good fit to work together!

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